Sunday, March 7, 2010

I heard there's NO Muslim THERE!"

Two American men were on a plane on a business trip when a Muslim couple boarded the plane and were seated right in front of them.

The two men, eager to have some fun, started talking loudly.

Man #1 - "My boss is sending me to Saudi Arabia", the one said, "But I don't want to go...too many Muslims there!"

The Muslim couple noticeably heard and grew uncomfortable. The other guy laughed and said,

Man #2 - "Oh, yeah, my boss wanted to send me to Pakistan but I refused...WAY too many Muslims!"

Smiling, the first man said,

Man #1 - "One time, I was in Iran but I HATED the fact that there were so many Muslims!"

The muslim couple fidgeted. The other guy responded,

Man #2 - "Oh, can't go ANYWHERE to get away from them...the last time I was in FRANCE I ran into a bunch of them too!"

The first guy was laughing hysterically as he added,

Man #1 - "That is why you'll never see me in Indonesia... WAY too many Muslims!"

At this, the Muslim man turned around and responded politely,

Muslim Man - "Why don't you go to Hell?", he asked, "I heard there's NO Muslim THERE!"

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Mimie.Candy Cane said...

hahaha...pade muko 2 ekor tu..